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Helpful hints, tips and Q&A on how you can turn your BI fantasies into reality. Many ladies fantasize about trying a BI experience. Many men also fantasize about seeing their partner with another lady. This fantasy is one of the easiest fantasies to fulfill in the swinging lifestyle, mainly due to the fact that many ladies in the swinging lifestyle are bisexual and are very eager to help couples fulfill this fantasy, but if you are new to the lifestyle, your attempts will often fail. This is the hardest fantasy to fulfill if you are not members of a lifestyle club.

Looking For A Single BI Female?
We get asked this question hundreds of times a year by couples. Many couples struggle for years to find a single BI female with little or no luck! Single BI ladies willing to get together with a couple to share a MFF experience are rare! Out of desperation, many couples lie to other couples, by telling couples they are looking for a foursome, when in reality they are only looking for the BI lady for a FF or MFF experience. Please don't lie to couples to get what you want, it will not take long for your names to get passed around the swing community as a couple who play head games with other couples!

Bisexual ladies are plentiful in the swinging lifestyle and have been around for many generations, so why does it become difficult to connect? Primarily the swinging lifestyle is a couples sport. When you try to find matching singles (male or female) it becomes much more difficult. Many ladies who are new to the lifestyle want to try the BI experience FF or MFF, but don't want to share their partner with another lady or don't want another male present. Many times the male partner who is new to the lifestyle, does not want to share his female partner with any other male.

If there are so many bisexual ladies, why don't they want to play with us? The answer is very simple. Ask yourself this question we put to the lady of a couple who were looking for a BI female to play with them. Since you are bisexual and want to experiment in a MFF encounter, why don't you come and play with us? Her immediate response was, "I'm not leaving my husband or partner to go play with another couple!" So put yourself in the shoes of the other married BI ladies you have been trying to ask for a MFF with your partner or husband. If you are not willing to go play with another couple to experience a bisexual female, don't expect other ladies to jump to the occasion for your request.

Many ladies that are active in the lifestyle want to play primarily in foursomes first! Many threesomes or FF play is plentiful among active swing couples, but the SECRET is that they are sharing the experience as a couple.

If both of you as a couple, are not willing to share each other in a couples environment equally, your chances of arranging a FF or MFF experience are greatly reduced! We see and experience hundreds of FF or MFF encounters every year, but we are playing with active couples and share much more than just the FF or MFF encounters. The easiest and quickest way to experience a FF or MFF encounter is at larger swing parties, where 10 or more couples are engaging in group sexual activities, such as an on-premise club or a private house party.

DON'T put your female partner in any situation where she feels pushed or pressured to perform with another single of couple she does not feel comfortable with! Most FF or MFF encounters happen naturally at larger group parties without large scale attempts to plan the entire sexual event. You will have a great deal of fun and feel much more at ease in a larger group and with more experienced swingers, compared to meeting a new couple for the first time and trying to convince them you want a FF or MFF experience only.

If you lie to a couple to have the FF or MFF experience, the evening will not usually go very well and the couple you did this to will never get together with you again and will definitely pass your names around. Some couples wonder why they were able to get one FF or MFF experience and tell us they can't find any more willing couples or partners. If you have hurt a couple in the past, it does not take very long for you to run out of potential matches with other couples.

In many cases, couples are looking for a lady to be their little sex kitten for providing them with sexual pleasures. This is similar to single males asking for the same or asking couples in the lifestyle for what they want or what they can get for themselves out of the lifestyle. Swinging is primarily sharing of partners with other partners in a give and take adventure. Have you heard the saying Gimmee, Gimmee, Never Gets! When attitudes change to what have we got to offer another couple or the lifestyle, you will receive much more than your fantasies thought possible. What IS abundant in the lifestyle is COUPLES and most of the ladies are BI. Think of what you can offer other people, not what can we get from other couples.

Ask and you will receive!
Ladies will still want to feel comfortable with each other before experimenting. The larger the group of swing couples you are familiar with, the greater the chances of finding a matching participant.

A misconception by many people about BI women, is that most Bi women prefer female playmates over male playmates. The opposite is actually true. Most Bi women prefer men first! The Bi experience for most ladies is a bonus and is easily found in the swinging scene.

Bi Males, Not Gay or Homosexual!
Many people have the wrong impressions of a BI males or BI females. Gays or Homosexuals prefer their own sex first and foremost, but typically the BI male or BI female prefer the opposite sex first and foremost and the same sex as an extension of their sexual experimentation with the right person.

Just like the ladies who have fantasized about experimenting with the same sex, men are no different. The ladies can have a lot of fun with it, just like the men love watching you with another lady. Most of the male sexual play in clubs can be very subtle. You will see women suck on two cocks at the same time. If your cock is in the hot mouth of a new lady with her husbands cock in her mouth at the same time, very few men will say no! Some ladies love the feel of two cocks in their pussy at the same time. Three people having an orgasm at the same time is quite exciting and different. Mutual masturbation while their ladies play with each other.

Many men in our membership have expressed an interest in experimenting with the same sex. When the right conditions present themselves, they are open to try new things. Similar to BI ladies, the BI men prefer the opposite sex first and foremost! Experimenting with the right male partner is of secondary interest but if an opportunity arises, many men are open to try something at least once.

Many men and women in the swinging lifestyle are turned off by the thought of two men having intercourse with each other. Their is a growing acceptance of seeing some forms of sexual play between men. Experimenting in the swinging lifestyle can take many different forms of sexual play. If one male is rubbing the head of his penis on the clit of a horny lady, some men might love the feel of a male licking the head of his cock and licking the ladies clit at the same time.

Many women have fantasies of seeing their partner masturbate themselves in front of others, especially if another male is helping out.

Another fantasy for the ladies and the men is to masturbate another of the same sex. Many men are turned on to watch their ladies being played with by the same sex, the ladies are no different in wanting to watch another male play and get their male partner off.

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